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Наша компания приглашает к сотрудничеству всех, кто хочет переехать жить в Испанию.

ES Alliance provides services to those who want to move to Spain. We help to purchase or rent properties, transport a vehicle or apply for a residence permit. With us, you will live in the Kingdom of Spain legally!

Мы работаем в данной сфере более 7 лет

Our company has many years of experience. Our specialists carefully study the changes in the legislation, and have the know-how to solve complex problems. Not a single detail relating to the registration of a residence permit and other services is left without attention!

В ES Alliance вы получите необходимые услуги, сопровождающие  получение ВНЖ

ES Alliance will provide the necessary services that accompany obtaining a residence permit. We will help you purchase property on the Costa del Sol, obtain an alien identification number (NIE), open a bank account, and choose medical insurance.

Если Вам требуется помощь, Вы получите ее как в стране постоянного проживания, так и непосредственно в Испании.

The company has representative offices both in Spain and in Russia. You can contact us for help no matter where you are now!

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Residence permit in Spain -
What is it?

Are you a citizen of a non-EU country? Do you want to live in Spain for more than 90 days in half a year? You need to get a residence permit. The residence permit can be:

  • Temporary. A foreign citizen receives the right to live in Spain for 1 or 2 years;
  • Permanent. 5 or 10 years.

A residence permit is a legal status that is assigned to an alien and gives the right to temporary or permanent residence in a state of which he/she is not a citizen. A document proving the identity of a foreign person and confirming the presence of a residence permit in Spain is the Spanish residency card (Tarjeta de identidad de extranjero). Residence permit may be with or without the right to work.

The advantages of a residence permit include:

Ability to reside in the country permanently. You don’t have to cross the border every 90 days and enter again.

Possibility to open bank accounts in Spain, including an obtaining loans and mortgages. Conditions for residents are usually more favourable.

Possibility to move within the Schengen countries without restrictions. Today, representatives of 27 states have endorsed the agreement. It is important to remember that each of them may have its own visa regime.

Possibility to apply for citizenship after the time established by law. It is enough to live legally in the country for 10 years, comply with its laws to become the owner of a passport.

Possibility to obtain a residence permit for immediate relatives under a simplified procedure.

Possibility of studying in Spain.

The modern world is not stable. This applies to economics and politics. In such a situation, it is important to live in a country that is sympathetic to its citizens. In addition, Spain is included in the euro area. You do not have to worry about depreciating your money.

Many people believe that it is enough to get a tourist visa to stay in the kingdom. However, the procedure for issuing this permit may change at any time, for example, in an epidemic or another economic crisis. There is no guarantee that the Spanish government will allow you to enter as a tourist next time. As practice shows, in difficult situations, a number of EU countries restrict the entry of non-residents into their territory.

In Spain, the procedure for granting residence permits has been developed and is regulated by a set of laws. Representatives of all countries are required to follow a certain algorithm when applying for a residence permit or its extension.

The main areas of residence permit

ES Alliance assists in obtaining a residence permit in Spain.

Residency by Investment/Golden visa

This type of residence permit is called Golden Visa. Its advantages are that the investor can reside permanently in Spain or in the country of which he is a citizen. A visa gives the right to work or open your own business. In addition, the investor does not have to prove that he has a stable and significant income outside of Spain.

To obtain a Golden Visa, one of the conditions must be fulfilled:

  • purchase real estate in the amount of 500 thousand EUR;
  • deposit at least 1 million EUR in a Spanish bank;
  • invest in the stock market at least 1 million EUR;
  • invest in the national debt of the country at least 2 million EUR;
  • develop and implement a business plan, provided that it is associated with the development of innovative technologies;
  • open your own company in Spain and invest significant amounts in it.

Benefits in obtaining residence permits are also provided to highly qualified specialists in demand in Spain.

Other types of residence permit

  • residence permit without the entitlement to work;
  • residence permit for self-employment;
  • residence permit as an employee;
  • family reunification for foreigners in spain;
  • green card;
  • family reunification with a Spanish or EU citizen.

Student/study visa

A student visa is received by those who plan to enter EU universities. A prerequisite is the training program intended for a period of over 90 days. Both adults and children can get a student visa. If the visa was obtained 3 years ago, other conditions of stay in the country are met, then it can be transformed into a residence permit.

To obtain a student or study visa, a foreigner must confirm that he/she was enrolled in one of the educational institutions of the country.

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Real estate in Spain

  • Individual selection of real estate in Spain.
  • Legal support of the purchase and sale transaction.

Do you want to buy property in Spain? Contact our company and indicate your requirements and wishes. You will receive a list of properties meeting them.

Types of property in Spain

  • New Builds: You can purchase an property at the construction or commissioning stage.
  • Secondary market. The apartment, the mansion already has an owner. And he wants to sell.

Types of residential property:


This is the name of the apartment. Share several types of apartments:

  • Studio. One bedroom, combined kitchen and living room.
  • With 1, 2, etc. bedrooms. They cannot be compared with one- or two-room apartments in Russia. It does not count rooms in general, but separate bedrooms. In addition, the owner receives a living room and kitchen. The apartments can be located on two levels (dúplex) or on the top floor of a residential building (atico).


When dividing into subspecies, the type of construction is taken into account:

  • Villa with a number of floors from 1 to 3. Housing belongs to the elite segment. A significant plot of land, a terrace, a garden and a pool are attached to it;
  • House (casa independiente). A plot of land is available, but small. The same applies to the garden and to the living space itself. The house can be divided into two halves. Each has its own owner;
  • Townhouse (casa adosada). The house consists of several consecutive sections of 1-2 floors. A relatively small plot of land is attached to each;
  • Country house (finca, casa rural). Often decorated in a rustic style.

Real estate purchase

Property check 1

The procedure for buying property in Spain has many nuances and details. Help from a qualified lawyer is required. The buyer should receive guarantees that no encumbrance was imposed on the selected property, even before the transaction. The following Seller’s documents should be checked:

  1. Escritura pública de compraventa, registered in the name of the seller in the state register. This contract of sale confirms that the seller is the owner of the property. Additionally, this document lists property parameters.
  2. Nota Simple Informativa or extract from the state register of ownership. It means to whom the sold property belongs. Additionally, the presence/absence of various encumbrances is indicated.
  3. A receipt confirming payment of the IBI. This is a municipal real estate tax.

If the seller is a building owner, he is obliged to submit Declaración de obra nueva or a statement of development. The house is subject to registration with the municipality and the tax office.

Signing an Agreement on the payment of a deposit (deposit) 2

You have decided that you will buy. Documents have been checked; verbal agreement has been reached with the seller. You can draw up a “preliminary sales contract” indicating all the important points, in particular, the cost, terms and payment procedure. This document is most often recognized as a fully-fledged legal document. Simultaneously with its signing, the buyer makes an advance payment or a deposit in the amount of at least 10% of the cost of the selected property, and the seller withdraws it from general sale.

Obtaining a NIE (Foreigner Identification Number) 3

Prior to purchasing a property, a citizen of another state must obtain an alien identification number or NIE. The sales contract will not be registered, and the bank will not open an account without it.

If you need a mortgage, you can request it after signing the preliminary contract of sale. In some situations, building owners and developers offer their own customer lending programs. Both parties to the contract or one of them can benefit from such a transaction. If you need a mortgage to buy real estate, our company will help you with obtaining the finance. With us, you will receive a mortgage loan quickly and at the lowest rate.

Payment and signing of the bill of sale at the notary 4

At the next stage, the buyer and seller sign the contract of sale and endorse it with a notary. As soon as the Spanish notary puts his signature on the contract, you become the owner of the selected property. Then you must pay the amount indicated in the contract minus the deposit. Next, the buyer is handed a simple copy of the contract (Copia Simple) and the keys to the purchased property. The notary transfers the data on the change of ownership to the state register.

Spain is divided into several autonomous communities. Each of them may have its own taxes related to real estate, but at the same time, the legislation in all communities is the same.

In addition

  • Do not waste time for meeting with realtors and building owners. Contact ES Alliance. Our employees will organize a viewing of the selected options, make a detailed report for each of them with an indication of the characteristics. This will help narrow your search and quickly find the desired property.
  • Once you have chosen an apartment or house, ES Alliance negotiates with the seller in order to get the maximum discount.
  • At the same time, the company will check the selected property for the presence/absence of encumbrances and arrears in taxes, utility bills, and legal origin. You will know exactly how much you will have to pay in the future as the owner of this apartment or house. This applies to taxes and other mandatory payments.
  • ES Alliance studies and monitors all the nuances of each transaction, stipulates conditions, agrees on the timing of signing the sales contract in the presence of a notary. Additionally, the necessary documents are translated. With us, your interests will be under reliable protection.
  • By agreement with the client, ES Alliance employees will apply for renewal of contracts with utilities. This refers to the readings of water, gas and electricity meters.
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Other services

Import of foreign vehicle
to Spain

Foreigners who have acquired Spanish residency are eligible to move their property in Spain without having to pay import duties, VAT (IVA) and some other taxes.


Buying private health insurance is an important point for those who are going to live in Spain and receive honey. services of proper quality.

Driving license
in Spain

Foreign driving licenses are valid in Spain for a certain period period, the limit of which depends on the legal status of the driver.


Education in Spain.


Granted to foreign nationals residing in Spain legally in flow ten years. However, there are certain exceptions to this rule.

Taxes consulting

ES Alliance provides consulting in the following areas.


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